Freelance Graphic Designer + Art Curator + Stencil Artist + Foodie

About the artist:

The work I do is very versatile and can range from something that is organized, clean and corporate to something that is urban, layered and grungy. Although the style changes, it is still able to convey the idea and concept flawlessly. The graphic work I produce is work that evolves from a simple concept and is easily read, usually without even having to read actual text. This allows for the work to be easily understood by a universal group of people. I achieve this, by allowing colors and shapes to convey the message. When I’m working on an idea, I try to make the idea, so that it can be read as story by the use of hierarchy and a good grid system. I am able to organize everything, and even when things seem very random, there is reasoning behind everything. Along with these techniques there comes hours of research that goes into the actual planning of the design, colors, and fonts, so that I can better represent the work. My work and I are strongly influenced by designers and artist such as, Banksy, Blek le Rat, Shepard Fairey, James Victore and of course Ralph Steadman.